The movement

We are made to move, which can be practicing a sport or having a long walk outside. Moving regularly helps fighting stress and developing a stronger ability to focus.
The importance of movement grew in the last decades, when the consequences of modern wellness, such as bad social and eating habits, started to show the other face of the coin: the quality of life got better strictly in appearance at the expense of our body’s health.


Emilia Billitteri has chosen to offer only individual lessons in her Studio, solely focused on the person, which change according to the physique and particular requirements to follow her client at best. Pilates is often teached in crowded enviroments which prevent the teacher to dedicate the right attention to each patient, addressing the problems and following his/her movements, helping him/her out to find his/her neuter, which is the correct position for the vertebral column, so the natural kyphotic and lordotic curve.
The Pilates method is a training workout developed at the beginnig of ‘900 by Joseph Pilates, inspired by the ancient eastern disciplines as Yoga and Do-In.
Pilates called its method Contrology, to underline how the practice of this discipline encourages the use of the mind to practice the right control on each muscles.
Pilates is particularly indicated for people who suffer from joint stiffness, postural problems, misalignment and for everyone who want to improve the muscolar tone and balance. Thanks to Pilates it’s possible to stretch the sore muscles, to better joint mobility and to relax.
The Pilates’ method follow 6 main principles:
1. focus
2. control
3. center of gravity
4. fluidity
5. precision
6. breathing


Emilia Billitteri is the first instructor of Ivana Daniell Method in Italy.

The Ivana Daniell Method winds essentially on three pillars:


  1. Learning how to breath right: respiration is the first contact with life and a right breathing technique can transform this natural and unintentional act, through a consciousness journey, in the first internal gymnastics


  1. We are not all the same: this Method is born from the respect of each diversity and limits because every body tells a different story. No course group, then, but only elaborated tailor-made courses for everyone, which also take notice of possible post traumatic physical blocks,along with the style and quality of life.


  1. There’s no age or situation which does not allow to go back to our best figure: the worst limits are the ones in one’s mind. With the support of innovative equipment, the Ivana Daniell Method will bring to a new self awareness and to a correct use of the body.