“Everyone is different and unique. Movement is the key to achieve physical and mental wellness; a journey which starts from a new consciousness of our body leading us to a new appearance, more toned, with the right posture and breathing, which will make us feel more secure and satisfied of ourselves.”


We are made to move, either practicing sport or having a long walk outside. Movement is good for the brain as it slows down the nerve cells’ decline, facilitating the production of new staminal cells. Moving regularly helps fighting stress, anxiety and depression.

who i am


is a dancer graduated at the Rambert School of London. She used to work mainly between London and Paris. In 2007 she accomplished the Polestar Pilates Certification® at the MOSS Studio in London. She then perfected her skills at the Ivana Daniell Method Center, working at first hand with Ivana Daniell and becoming her closest partner.


Inactive lifestyle means staying seated for a long time compromising and overloading the spinal column. The mission of Emilia Billitteri is to reeducate inactive people to movement.

Practising sport is the key for a life in the name of wellness, but every body needs a different sport to achieve the best result without injuries., Thanks to the experience of Emilia Billitteri you'll learn to move again correctly, through specific rehabilitaion exercises created with a tailor-made approach.

Thanks to the experience of Emilia Billitteri you'll learn to move again in the correct way, through specific rehabilitation exercises created with a tailor-made approach.

A woman who starts to live in armony again with her body and takes back her self-consciousness is a more serene mom and to benefit from it will be the baby as well.


In the Movement Studio in Milan you’ll feel like home, unique and safe. The ambient is dainty, luminous, and characterized by a heartfelt warmth, studied in detail to live a regenerating experience.

Do not use such medication without telling your physician if you going to become pregnant during treatment.