Bespoke programs


Inactive lifestyle means staying seated for a long time, often in the wrong way, compromising and overloading the spinal column, making a bad posture a bad habit. The mission of Emilia Billitteri is to guide and to reeducate people to movement, helping them to get the right posture, also when seated, choosing an healthy life projected to psychophysical wellness.
Our body is the strongest machine we have and its maintanance is our most important choice.


Practicing sport is the first source of wellness and the secret of longevity. The advantages of movement are countless, but the most important part is to learn how to move consciously to get the best result from the correct muscles workout and to avoid injuries. We are not all the same, we are not all suited for the same physical activity. Thanks to the experience of Emilia Billitteri you’ll learn to move again in the correct way, to understand which physical activity is more appropriate for your physique, for your background and to take all the possible advantages which only a life in movement can give.


After an injury the most important phase is reeducating to the movement of the damaged muscles.
Emilia Billitteri will teach you how to move correctly, giving the right time to your body. With the right exercises studied with a tailor-made approach for each case, it will be possible to go back to being healthy and feeling at ease again.


Movement is highly suggested to pregnant women, but the choice of a right path is very important, suitable for this delicate moment of a woman’s life.
A proper exercise program can play a significant role and make the moment of birth easier.
Emilia Billitteri will be able to guide you in the prenatal and postnatal phase.
After the delivery, before the start of the training program, the right recovery period must be respected. A new mom can begin an educative program twice a week, creating a personal moment for herself.
The post natal phase, which represents the right beginning of a new life as a mother and which will give benefit also to the baby, articulates as follows:

  • recovery of the right postural alignment compromised by 9 months of pregnancy;
  • tonification and revitalisation of those muscles which, more than others, are damaged by the gestation and childbirth;
  • tonification of the pelvic floor’s muscles which have suffered from childbirth
  • care of diastasis abdominal, which after the childbirth can result compromised showing an excessive separation of the two rectal muscles of the abdomen. This condition, though, can be easily fixed with appropriate exercises.

Starting a post natal exercise program is highly recommended:

  • 1 month after natural childbirth
  • 3 months after Caesarean section


The risks which professional ballet dancers face during their intensive workout are pretty high. The experience of Emilia Billitteri as professional dancer allowed her to develop a dedicated protocol. After years of experience and personal challenges, she developed a program which provides a specific workout at the barre or supported by machines.
The dedicated protocol allows the professional to work in the best way the different body parts in accordance with the correct postural alignment achieving the goal of optimizing the performance of their movement and so preventing the risk of possible traumas.
This allows the professionals to acquire more consciousness through proprioception (also known as kinaesthesia) giving the correct perception of the body during the presentation of movement and the coreography, detecting and aknowledging the position of the body in the space and the state of contraction of his muscles.